May 21, 2024


At The international online competition in robotics ROBOJAM SLOVENIA 2022.

The team of 7th graders from 24 teams which participate in the Disc Drill category reached 9th and 10th place. The competition took place on Saturday, March  26th, 2022 online. 

Mentor: Silvo Muršec, prof.

First students had to attend the introductory video conference with the leaders of teams to acquaint the task. They had to solve the problem by moving different multicolored discs.  They had to make a screen record video while solving the problem. Then they had to upload it in the google classroom in ninety minutes. 

This is an example of solved problem.

The competitors need to have different computer skills and we can be more than happy that our 7th graders managed to complete all tasks.

The evaluation criteria:
The solution is graded as follows: Fully and correctly completed task/ assignment, time, the robot is completing the task and the submission time.
The winner is who subbmits the correct solution in the shortest time.

In the future, we have to pay more attention to the speed of the program writing. If we improve this we hope for even better results.
Conclusion: The most important is that the youth are excited over and have fun programming and this is the goal of our international project Erasmus +

Mentor: Silvo Muršec, prof.

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