May 21, 2024

Our project intends for the youngsters of generation Z to manage and control technology instead of being addicted to it and to so engage in activities jointly with their friends, socialize and emerge as self-fulfilling individuals in the society. Another specific objective of the project is to help the youngsters to thrive in their academic performance. We also aim at enabling them to become capable of managing the technology through mobile programming, robotic coding and software development trainings, which we will be delivering on the basis the analyses that will be conducted jointly by project partners as a part of preventive actions, which is a significant means of combating addiction, and social support activities.It is the objective of our project to contribute to the upbringing of young individuals, who: know how to prioritize and solve the problems they encounter in their lives,have learnt how to think systematically and develop plans,easily understand the logic of operation of machines,can correlate events and situations and separate bugs and errors in any given situation, andhave high level of creating thinking abilities. As is known, in today’s ever rapidly evolving, digitalizedworld, the Industry 4.0 has been reshaping and will continue to reshape not only jobs but also thequalifications sought in candidates. With this fact in mind, we will guide our students in theirendeavors to use robotic coding and software, and using such capabilities, to develop their ownsoftware and solution systems through transnational efforts. Respecting our students’ own learningpace, we will enable them to work with their peers and mutually improve one another. Peer educationand team effort will be an integral part of coding education both for the teachers and the students.All project partners have will, enthusiasm and experience to carry out the project-related activities.Our strategic partners are committed and cooperative institutions in France, Portugal, Czech, Turkey, Netherlands, and Slovenia with background and experience in the fields of robotic coding and STEM, who haveneeds to carry out and curiosity in robotic coding endeavors. The target audience of the project iscomprised of 4 students in the age group of 10 to 15 years and 2 teachers at the 6 project partnerinstitutions, which are based in France, Portugal, Czech, Turkey, Netherlands,and Slovenia

OGEC Familial du val d’ErdreNantes-France 

– Konya Selçuklu Hamidiye Imam Hatip Ortaokulu Konya-Turkey
– Escola Básica e Secundária Dr. Ângelo Augusto Portugal da SilvaFunchal-Madeira 
– Osnovna sola Slave Klavore  Primary & Lower Secondary School Maribor, Slovenia 
– MS Barvirska, Liberec, prisp. org. Czech Republic
– Montfort College Rotterdam-Netherlands

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